Space Reservations

The Publications and Media Center offers registered student media organizations its office, MLK Student Union, Room 177, for meetings and an adjoining studio for filming, recording sound, etc.

PMC's office has a maximum occupancy of 15 students. PMC's studio has a maximum occupancy of 8 students. The space is equipped with basic overhead lighting. You can utilize the PMC's Equipment Checkout program to augment the studio's equipment.

Process for Reserving Office and Studio Spaces

  1. Check availability of the space (MLK 177) during your desired date and time here.

  2. Reserve space using this form.

  3. Wait to receive a confirmation email from sends e-mail).

  4. Read the Space Reservation Policy.

  5. Print out the last page of the Space Reservation Policy and bring it to the PMC office in MLK 177 when you are checking in the date of your reserved time. You can also email back the entire form in PDF format with electronic signatures at least 24 hours BEFORE your requested reservation date and time. Keep in mind that this form requires the signature of your organization’s signatory.

Checking In to the Office or Studio

  1. The signatory of your organization must go to MLK 177 ten minutes before your confirmed reservation time. There, a PMC staff member will walk your signatory through the rest of the procedure.

Checking Out of the Office or Studio

  1. Clean up the space to ensure it is left in its original condition. See the Space Reservation Policy linked to above for more detail.

  2. Ten minutes before your reservation ends, a PMC staff member will come to MLK 177 and check your RSO out.

Computer Use Policy

      1. Make a reservation using our Space Reservation form, included below!

      2. No files can be saved on to the computer for any time past the length of the log-in session, so it is advised you bring an external drive or use Google Drive to store files.

     3. All university computer policies apply when using the Publications and Media Center computer. Check the link above for further information.

     4. Computer log-in instructions can be found here.

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