Equipment Checkout

The PMC's Equipment Checkout Program is a free resource for members of registered Publication and Media organizations to checkout camera, audio, lighting, and other media equipment.  Most equipment can be used off-site, and a few pieces are reserved as reference material to be used only in PMC's film and recording studio in 177 MLK Student Union. Unlike other equipment checkout programs at Cal, a student user need not be a declared major in any area of study.

Students are authorized to checkout equipment if they are on the CalLink roster of an active registered student organization and have one of their organization's signatories co-sign their equipment checkout contract. RSOs that receive funding from the ASUC must pay a security deposit before being able to check out "Tier 2" equipment items, such as cameras or lighting kits. Organizations that do not receive funding may check out equipment on a case-by-case basis, and will enter into a "Strikes" agreement as described in Addendum A of our contract (linked below). Publications and Media RSOs will benefit from a slightly decreased security deposit.

Students interested in utilizing this program should carefully follow these steps:

  1. Look through PMC's equipment inventory for items they are interested in.
  2. Check the reservation calendar below to ensure that the material desired is available.
  3. Fill out this reservation request form indicating which equipment they are interested in*  
  4. If applicable, check out this how to presentation on how to Submit a Security Deposit (Required for all Tier 2 equipment, including camera/light/s  ound kits).

  5. If applicable, submit the security deposit through the ASUC account to account transfer. Be aware, this can take up to a full week of processing time. (You may not pick up your equipment until after the security deposit has been processed.)

  6. Review our Equipment Checkout Policy and Contract, and submit a signed copy of the contract on the last page (digitally or in person when you pick up the equipment).
  7. Pick up the equipment from the PMC office during open hours (weekdays 12pm to 9pm).

*Please allow at least 48 hours of processing time betweeen filling out the request form and the date you'd like to pick up the equipment. If your desired pick-up date is less than 48 hours after you've submitted the request, we cannot guarantee that the PMC will be able to process your request in time. We welcome you to visit our office if you have questions about equipment checkout or security deposits, but we kindly ask that you do not come to the PMC expecting to pick up equipment if you have not received a confirmation email for your request.

You can also request new additions to PMC's equipment inventory here.

Questions? Email

PMC Reservable Equipment Gallery

Manfrotto Video Tripod: A professional tripod system designed for HDSLR and interchangeable lens cameras.

Manfrotto Shoulder Rig: Allows support of camera equipment on your shoulder, with swivel-joint handles for control and flexibility.

Extension Cables (x2): 25-foot extension cords

Sandbags: Uses include securing light stands and booms, dolly stop on track shots, and a “bean bag” for cameras or long lenses.

Digital Camera Tripod: For use with most digital cameras and video cameras.

64GB USB Flashdrive: Standard USB Type-A

8GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB SD Cards

Canon Camera Battery: Replacement/spare battery for Canon DSLR

Rapid Travel Battery Charger: Replacement battery charger

Vivitar Wireless Shutter Release: Infrared remote control that works up to 16 feet away.

Commander Deluxe Cleaning Kit: A cleaning kit including multiple tools for cleaning and maintaining camera optics.

Xit Photo Kit: A cleaning kit including multiple tools for cleaning and maintaining camera optics.

Small fog machine: A fog machine with a compact streamlined body structure, this 400W Fog Machine can continually produce uniform, unscented and long lasting fog.

Large Fog Machine: A fog machine with a compact streamlined body structure, this 400W Fog Machine can continually produce uniform, unscented and long lasting fog.

Fog Liquid: Unscented Sage, non-Toxic Water solution for super dense white fog.

Vivitar USB SD Card Reader: Transfer your photos, videos, music and data files between your digital devices and your computer.

Digital Visions USB SD Card Reader: A digital card reader compatible with all SD, Micro SD, and more.

Electronic Flash: A manual camera flash for basic flash needs.

Advanced Sound Kit: A versatile kit with Rode NTGS Shotgun microphone. Designed for professional audio capturing in the field or indoors. Can be used either on-camera, or as part of a secondary recording system.

Basic Sound Kit: A compact, portable handheld digital recorder that is capable of four-track recording and features an interchangeable, modular microphone system.

Nikon Camera Kit: A basic Nikon DSLR camera kit.

Canon Camera Kit: A basic Canon DSLR camera kit.

High Definition Telephoto Lens: Great to get far away shots. Great for sports and portraiture photography too. Multi-coated, high quality glass.

High Definition Wide Angle Lens: Great to capture broad views! Great for sports and landscape photography too. Multi-coated, high quality glass with an integrated macro lens for close-up work.

Filter Set: Featuring ultraviolet, circular polarizer, and fluorescent filters

Fresnel Light Kit: 650W light kit for smooth, even lighting; includes 3 lights with stands, safety equipment, barndoors, scrims, and a hardshell case.

LED Light and Stand Kit: Popular lights for location or studio work. Stand rises to a height of 8' and folds down to 29.6"

Diffusion Sheet: Reduces the sharpness of shadows and softens the lighting.

C-Stand (x4): Used to position light modifiers, such as silks, nets, or flags, in front of light sources. Must be used with sandbags for stability.

Mugig Lavalier Microphone: Clip on your collar to pick up your voice directly and eliminate noise outside the pickup range to make your voice more saturated and clear