What is the Board?

How the Center and the Board Work Together

The Publications and Media Center works hand-in-hand with the ASUC Chartered Program, the Publications and Media Board. The Board is part of the ASUC, while the Center is a University department.

The Board advises the Center about the student media community's needs and can vote to engage the Center to manage its resources, such as ASUC-provided space allocations and funding. In the 2017-2018 year, the Board engaged the Center to manage both its budget and it's ASUC-allocated spaces. The Center reports to the Board on how it is utilizing their resources in service to the student media community.

How the the Board is Governed

Every registered student media organization's primary contact in CalLink is their voting representative on the ASUC Publications and Media Board. A student media organization's primary contact is their representative on the Board.

The Board is led by a 5-person Steering Committee.  Three members of the Committee are elected by student media organizations' primary contacts and two members are the hired Co-Directors of the Publications and Media Center. Elections are held each spring. To learn more, read here

Nominations for the 2019-2020 Board are now open! 

The form closes April 10th at 11:59PM. Send any questions to studentmedia@berkeley.edu

2018-2019 Steering Committee Members

  • Nikita Jain, Publications and Media Center  
  • Summer Farah and Leyla Lacombe, co-representing Publications and Media Center
  • Nicholas Chiu, Innovative Design
  • Jaydon Krooss, CalTV
  • Sophia Stewart, Caliber 

2017-2018 Steering Committee Members

  • Nikita Jain, Publications and Media Center (represented by Remy D'Agnillo and Tristan Saenz, Publications and Media Center in the Spring 2018) 
  • Jessica Zhou, Publications and Media Center
  • Isabella Chow, Berkeley Political Review
  • David Xie, Innovative Design
  • Jaydon Krooss, CalTV

2016-2017 Steering Committee Members (Founding Steering Committee)

  • Riley Miller, Cinebears
  • Caroline Daily, Daily Cal
  • Rachel Hood, Berkeley Science Review
  • Spandi Singh, Publications and Media Center
  • Ellie Rasmuseen, Publications and Media Center

Meeting Minutes

Running Minutes 18-19 

Running Minutes 17-18

2/17/16, 10/13/16, 11/14/16, 1/20/17, 2/26/17, 3/8/17, 4/6/17, 9/4/17 

Governing Documents

ASUC Resolution establishing PMB

Memorandum of Understanding: PMC and PMB

Memorandum of Understanding: PMB, Innovative Design, and CalTV (Updated October 2018) 

Memorandum of Understanding: PMB, Innovative Design, and CalTV

Interested in Applying?

Passionate about student media? Have ideas on how to improve services for the community? The Publications & Media Board elections occur every year in the spring, and this is your chance to make a difference in our student media community and shape the future of the Publications and Media Center as a member of our steering committee. 

This role is a public service and leadership development opportunity. You will be able to provide valuable feedback as the voice of 82 active student media organisations on campus and determine how PMC resources, including $8,000 of annual ASUC funding, are allocated. As a sitting member of the Board, you will also gain valuable management skills, outreach training, and advocacy experience. 

Our Board positions for 2018-2019 have been filled. Please check back Spring 2019 for the nomination form!